The Art of Pastel Painting

The Art of Pastel Painting

Author: Alan Flattmann
Book - The Art of Pastel Painting by Alan Flattmann Book - The Art of Pastel Painting by Alan Flattmann
$35.00 USD

151 pages, hardcover, 11 1/4" x 8 1/2"

Pelican Publishing Company 2007

Autographed by Alan Flattmann


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For more than forty years, world-renowned artist Alan Flattmann has used pastels to capture the world around him in vibrant hues.  His works reflect what he refers to as the modern pastel renaissance, an era that deviates from the traditionally perceived seventeenth-century use of pastels.


Veering away from the conventional practice of using light tints and delicate touch to produce powdery coiffures, the modern pastel renaissance approaches its subjects with passion and color, attracting new audiences to the craft.  Flattmann's masterpieces now illustrate this detailed manual, which has served as a standard textbook for pastel techniques since its first publication in 1987.  New paintings and photographs display methods involving lighting, palette, pigments,grounds, and preservation.  With the skill of a master, Flattmann carries the reader from basic concept to advanced practices, all the while capturing the essence of the craft. Beginners and serious students alike find Flattmann's knowledgeable instruction and passionate advice indispensable.

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